Minus 1 and 2

Today Kenny and I made a good start by getting up nice and early. We were set on Minus 1 gully (VI,6) so we had to overtake everyone just in case they wanted to do it! We ended up first on the route, one team was ahead of us on Orion Direct. We soloed up the first pitch then Kenny got stuck into the next pitch. It whole route was awesome, ice was brilliant but thin in places. We topped out quite early so we decided to go and do Minus 2 Gully (V,5) as well. A quick 4 abbs off and we found ourselves at the bottom of steep ice, swinging our axes. This route was just as quality with more fatter ice, if a little stepped here and there. Every pitch had some exciting climbing with continued interest until the snow slope to the crest. Again we abbed off and sped back to the van. From what I could see other teams on Tower Ridge and the CIC cascades. Point 5 is looking fat.