Swinging in the rain!

Today Al and I walked into Coire na Poite up in Applecross. We walked in the rain, climbed in the rain and walked out in the rain! Good times. We went on the classic Silver Tear (V,5) which started off really good. I led up the 1st pitch as I didn't want to stand around, axes were going in so easily, unfortunately screws were about as good as a chocolate tea pot, but I did find a hefty in-situ belay! Al climbed up to me, clearly wet and cold, tempted by the abb but decided to lead a pitch so he headed off, after 30m it became thin and hollow and he nipped off to the side to belay. At this point I was very wet and cold so we agreed we would just abb off.... so we did! So obviously quite a thaw going on in the NW, everything saturated, buttresses black, bring on some freezing temps!