Just arrived back from a week away in Northern Ireland sampling some of the countrys best trad climbing. 100m abseil ropes packed, double set of cams packed, vast ammounts of chalk and spare forearms are Fairhead essentials. Not only were we tackling the uber long routes but doing this in some of the foulest weather I have rock climbed in! Winds gusting up to 70mph bringing in cloud and rain. We were all climbing in down jackets where possible and even gloves!We had a team of 10 and between us we climbed around 150 pitches of rock ranging from HVS to E7. I was climbing with Luke for the whole week and we climbed everyday ticking off many of the 3 star classics - Hells Kitchen HVS 5a, Toby Jug E1 5b, Blind Pew E2 5b, Jolly Roger E3 6a, Born to Run E4 6a, The Mask E5 6a plus many more. There are so many amazing routes, 60m crack climbing pitches, amazing grove climbing, face climbing, brutal hand jamming routes, something for everyone. So much new route potential too!! If your thinking about a rock climbing holiday, Fairhead is the answer.