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America - take two
It was pretty much two years to the day that I was last in America on a rock road trip.  We had unfinished business and opened up new accounts and new areas.  Unfortunately the other Guy didn't make it out but Donald and I had a brilliant trip climbing as a pair.  Viva Las Vegas.  What a place.  The start and the finish of our trip and home to the astounding Red Rock.  This place made me want to move to America!  It was an interesting time talking to locals about the upcoming election, never once chatted to a Trump supporter, not through choice!  The silent majority it turns out.
We don't usually take rest days but this trip we did...are we getting old...are we getting weak...we didn't think so but we felt great after our rest days.
After Red Rocks we went to Moab, we went there last time and had a brilliant time, so we climbed several desert towers and lots of brilliant routes.  From here we took a chance in style and headed for splitter heaven, Indian Creek.  Crack, jam, cam, crack, jam cam...repeat.  Sometime's we fell, moaned about the grade's, slumped.  We watched local's cruise routes far too hard for us but we tried them anyway...and fell.  We camped under a supermoon which was amazing.
After Indian Creek we went back to Red Rock's.  What to say.  Every single route we did was brilliant.  I think I will take a trip back and just stay put there.  

 Many more pictures HERE
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America - too many photo's to deal with
I am now back from one of the best climbing trips I have ever had.  The trip originally was meant to be based in Yosemite for the month but after a week of moving campsite every morning we decided to go on a road trip instead.  So from Yosemite we headed to Tuolumne, Mammoth, Zion (Amazing place), Moab, Indian Creek and Royal Arches National park.  Here are a few photo's from the trip.  We climbed pretty much every day so feeling pretty broken now.  Not the best prep for winter so I'm scooting off to the Alps on Friday to get back on some snow and ice.
Guy high up in Tuolume...amazing granite

The Valley from Nutcracker

Donald and I on top of Castleton Tower in Utar

Me rapping off Castleton Tower

Warm up crack at Indian Creek.  Perfect hand size crack

Donald high on a tricky number, think we all took air time on this one

Donald on some shady Zion slab

Donald, me and Guy at the top of Made to Be Broken, Zion.  Amazing line.

Guy and Donald in Iron Messiah...a highlight route

A route called headache...3 pitches of brilliant climbing in Zion

Guy Seconding the first pitch of Shuan's Buttress.  Haaard warm up!

Donald shuffling up Castleton Tower