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Day 2 and 3 First Aid
This weekend I have been finishing of a 3 day REC first aid course. Its been a fantastic 3 days, learnt lots throughout the weekend. It has been very practical and it has been great to hear Steve's stories from past experiences. Its great to hear how he has put all these techniques into real life experiences! The only problem with the course was that it put me off doing a hard and bold climb that I really wanted to do as all these stories of people being pulled off crags! One day I will climb Right Wall! Instead I went for a boulder at the Cromlech boulders.
First Aid day 1 and some hard climbing
Today I was on the first day of REC first aid course run at Plas y Brenin. Its been about 3 years since I last did a course like this so it was great to see how the school of thought has changed. It was a very practical day with the group interacting and getting hands on with one another. After the day Baby Dave and I went to have a look at Beginners Mind (E7 6c). Dave has had a play before but still not got it. We dropped a top rope down and Dave flashed it right away. I had a go and couldn't figure out the crux, my fingers just aren't strong enough for it, I did get to the top though. Dave had another go on top rope and flew up to the top, looking super cool. I had another play making slightly more progress but still couldn't get through the crux. Dave then decided to lead it, very bold climbing up to 2 poor pegs then run out to the top, very balancey and super barn-doory! Dave cruised it which was amazing to watch, a true talent! I had another go, got to the top, but fell at the hard bit again.