Gold Week

This week I have been working with a group of young people going through their Duke of Edinburgh Gold. The week was all about interacting with others, working as a team whilst carrying out some fun activities. On Monday we went up to a very busy Tremadog Upper Tier for a spot of bouldering and rock climbing where we looked at rock climbing skills such as movement, technique, belaying, rope work skills and pushing it hard. On Tuesday we went sea level traversing which involved climbing, jumping and swimming! So much fun. In the evening I met up with Donald and we went bouldering at the RAC boulders. On Wednesday we went kayaking and canoeing on the lake outside the centre, again I met up with Donald and went bouldering at the Cromlech boulders. Thursday we scrambled up Tryfan, we had very poor visibility and rain all day! I have to say, not all the kids loved this! Finally today we went Gorge walking, basically getting really wet and having a splash, brilliant way to finish the week. Now I'm driving out to the alps for a few days!