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Adventure sports for families
This was a weeks adventure with several different families from all over the county. After a little time getting to know each other we came up for an action plan for the week. Rock climbing, Mountain Walking, Gorge Walking, Kayaking and Canoeing and to finish off we went orienteering. A wide range of activities alowed the group to bond very well and realise what activity they wish to persue. Mostly wanted to become rock climbers.
Gold Week
This week I have been working with a group of young people going through their Duke of Edinburgh Gold. The week was all about interacting with others, working as a team whilst carrying out some fun activities. On Monday we went up to a very busy Tremadog Upper Tier for a spot of bouldering and rock climbing where we looked at rock climbing skills such as movement, technique, belaying, rope work skills and pushing it hard. On Tuesday we went sea level traversing which involved climbing, jumping and swimming! So much fun. In the evening I met up with Donald and we went bouldering at the RAC boulders. On Wednesday we went kayaking and canoeing on the lake outside the centre, again I met up with Donald and went bouldering at the Cromlech boulders. Thursday we scrambled up Tryfan, we had very poor visibility and rain all day! I have to say, not all the kids loved this! Finally today we went Gorge walking, basically getting really wet and having a splash, brilliant way to finish the week. Now I'm driving out to the alps for a few days!
2 Wet Days off

This weekend was a complete wash out, so much rain! Fortunatly Dan wanted to take me down a river, he had his work cut out! We went to the Tryweryn which is a dam released river. We put in at the top where Dan taught me some skills, we realised I had several bad habits! We headed down stream but got out and walked around some the upper grade 4 section. We then did the whole lower section which has a spicy Grade 4 section which I did without swimming. The next day we went back and I paddled the whole of the upper section with several swims, mainly silly mistakes.
Work Induction
The last 3 weeks have been spent in North Wales doing an induction to work at Plas y Brenin. Throughout the 3 weeks we went mountaineering in Ogwen Valley, did BMC Fundamental course, rock climbing on Idwal Slabs (clearing snow off the ledges), Holyhead Mountain (in t shirts) and several single pitch crags dotted around. We went sea kayaking around Anglesey and lots of other bits and pieces. One more week of training, then start work!